A DWI is something you should always take seriously. Did you know that if you get three DWIs in Texas, you can be charged with a felony that comes with a prison sentence of up to ten years? This is very serious, so if you are facing any type of criminal charge like this, you need to have a criminal defense law firm by your side. Here are just a few reasons why you need to have a local attorney who will be there for you when you are facing serious charges.

You Might Go to Prison

If this an offense you’ve had before and the justice system has tried to rehabilitate you before, they may choose to impose a prison sentence on you just to help you learn a lesson because all other resources are used up. This is where a criminal defense law firm comes into play. Since it can be hard to convince a judge to help you instead of put you behind bars, especially when you have more than one ding on your criminal record, you need lawyers to assist you in getting the legal help you need.

You Might Have Your Work Affected

When you have lots of charges against you, especially if you are convicted of them, you can have your work or ability to be hired affected now and in the future. Your DWI attorney will work with you and the prosecuting attorney to make your charges as minimal as possible so you can get on with your life and go back to normal as quickly as possible.

You Have a Reputation to Worry About

You don’t want to make a DWI or other criminal offense that can affect your public image haunt you forever. Your criminal defense law firm will work with you to quiet your case as much as possible and possibly settle the case so you can continue doing the positive things you do in the community or among your peers and not have to worry about having your reputation tarnished by a DWI.

Every criminal case is different, and yours may have a different result than someone else’s, even if the situations are similar. It’s best to refer all questions and comments to your criminal defense law firm so they can provide you proper legal counsel for the legal situation you are in.