Let’s say you were involved in a car accident, and you sustained some personal injuries, what is your next step? There is a wide range of laws that cover personal injury law. Personal injury law is the set of laws that cover claims against insurance companies for personal injuries. They can be complex and difficult to navigate.

When you are injured, there are procedures in place that you need to follow if you want to file a personal injury claim with an insurance company. Most people prefer to hire the experienced personal injury lawyer Rockwell TX offers to deal with all the procedures and navigation of their personal injury claim.

How Does It Work?

After you were involved in a car accident, the first thing you should do is file a police report. A lot of people make the mistake of not calling the authorities and not getting anything official filed. This can be a critical error.

When you file personal injury claims the insurance company will always ask for a police report number. Besides, that guy that is promising you the world if you do not call, can be let off the hook if you do not. If you do not have any official documentation of the accident, if the other driver refuses to payout, you have a real challenge ahead of you trying to get them too. It is always best to be safe instead of sorry.

Once the police have come and taken the report, get to the doctors, and get checked out. You may feel fine at the scene but some injuries take a few days to reveal themselves. Go get checked out.

Contact your insurance company. That’s right, contact your insurance company. Your insurance company will contact the other person’s insurance company. Next contact a good personal injury lawyer that can easily navigate the personal injury law on your behalf.

The Insurance Adjuster Will Come Calling

The insurance adjuster is well aware of the personal injury law that is in place to protect you, but they will not mind ignoring those laws. They will skirt the personal injury law and bring you low ball offers to try to get you to settle. This is why it is so important that you have a personal injury attorney on your side in these cases.

Don’t agree to anything until you speak to a personal injury lawyer at a trusted personal injury law firm, or you could be throwing away thousands of dollars. Get help today.