There are a lot of things to remember, and a lot of things to look for, when you need a lawyer. On top of all that, there are a lot of different types of lawyers. The kinds of cases they handle covers a wide range of possibilities. A civil litigation lawyer is one who deals with disputes between two parties. Here are seven examples of situations that a civil litigation lawyer might be able to help you with, and tips to remember as you go about finding the attorney that is right for you.

# 1. Business

Disputes among businesses range from financial claims, to partners clashing, allegations of cheating, parking disputes and everything in between. Make sure that you check out the civil litigation lawyer you are considering. Check their professional background. Do they have experience with business disputes? Carefully examine their credentials. Be sure to look for an experienced attorney who is licensed and in good standing.

# 2. Landlord/Tenant

One of the associations that is built on trust is the landlord-tenant relationship. Yet it is still a legal, business relationship, too. Disputes in this area often revert to the ‘he said’ and ‘she said’ level. A civil litigation attorney will talk to both parties, usually, and look for as much documentation as possible to settle the dispute.

# 3. Financial

Embroiled in a financial dispute? If this is your situation, make sure you talk to everyone. Ask around everywhere and be sure you can trust who you’re talking to. Find a civil litigation lawyer or a law firm with experience in this area. Make sure you feel that you will be able to trust this lawyer with your particular needs. Remember, feelings about money run very deep.

# 4. Real Estate

Real estate matters that might require a civil litigation lawyer include commercial developers, injuries, and condominium laws, to name a few. You may need to reach out and contact an experienced civil litigation lawyer who is familiar with real estate disputes and find out their success rate.

# 5. Personal Injury

Have you or someone you know been hurt on the job? Misdiagnosed by a medical professional? Hit by a car? Or injured in a car accident and maybe even hurt by a drunk driver? Workplace injuries, motor vehicle accidents and misdiagnosed medical conditions are, unfortunately, all too common. You will need a good personal injury lawyer to help you if your case needs to go to the courtroom.

# 6. Family

Disputes among family members can be extremely emotional and intense. Feeling run deep and the people involved in a dispute often share long years of history. Feelings and resentments are apt to come out in a dispute, making the cause of the dispute

# 7. Employment

Employment disputes often deal with personalities, and thus, are extremely sensitive. When one has been let go from a position, it is the livelihood of an individual, and possibly an entire family. A civil litigation attorney wants to know both sides of the story and find a fair, just resolution.