Many people assume that having just one beer or a single glass of wine at a party won’t impair their ability to drive. When you get pulled over though, things take a serious turn really fast. This situation is much more serious than being pulled over for a traffic ticket. While drugs other than alcohol are involved in approximately 18% of motor vehicle deaths, alcohol still takes the majority of cases.

This single event can change your life in a few ways, for instance, you could be jailed for up to 180 days, spend thousands of dollars on fines and penalties, and have the DWI charges on your permanent record. Therefore, you need to make the best decision when stopped by calling a DWI lawyer.

What Can a DWI Lawyer do?

DWI Lawyers act fast and analyze everything. Memories tend to fade, especially when alcohol is involved, and so talking to a lawyer immediately will get important things noted down. The lawyer will also go over all the details of your arrest and talk to any witnesses present, then use this information to give your case an advantage.

The DWI lawyer will also plan a strategy to seek a lesser charge that will be easier to overcome. They will also help you avoid getting a long term license suspension.

Because they are well-versed with field sobriety tests, DWI lawyers will be able to determine the validity of the results. They also know all the facts that they need to present in order to get jail terms, fines, and penalties reduced.

They will do their best to fight for your rights and freedom, an important aspect considering the fact that a third DWI in Texas is a third-degree felony and carries a range of punishment from two to ten years in state prison.

Make the Right Decision

Things may not work in your favor if you choose to use a court-appointed lawyer or represent yourself in court. You need the help of someone who has experience with DWIs to improve your chances of getting a favorable outcome. For this reason, a DWI lawyer is your best chance at getting a favorable outcome if you are ever stopped for DWI.