Everyone knows that drinking and driving is illegal, but sometimes it does happen. Lots of people might have that glass of wine with dinner or stop for a cocktail after a hard day of work. Sometimes, you drink a couple of beers and then you have to go out for an important reason. Despite these excuses, there’s never a reason that’s good enough to drink and drive. And after you get pulled over when you’ve been drinking, you find that out that hard way. However, you shouldn’t suffer unnecessarily because you made what’s still a pretty common mistake. You will face consequences for drinking and driving. However, you can lessen those consequences a little by using the services provided by DWI lawyers.


What DWI Lawyers Do

DWI lawyers specifically specialize in driving while intoxicated cases. They are a type of criminal defense lawyer who understands DWI charges and the laws associated with it very well. The law is extremely expansive and complicated. That’s why attorneys must not only go to school for many years, but they must also complete a series of career challenges, such as passing the state bar examination, before they can legally practice the law. That’s some pretty complicated stuff!

A DWI attorney can help you with every single aspect of your case, from the moment you get in trouble for drinking and driving. If you already have a DWI attorney, you should contact this professional the moment you get the chance following your arrest. If you don’t already know any DWI lawyers to contact, don’t panic. Chances are, you will be released from jail the day after you are arrested. You will probably have to spend the night in jail regardless, but if you have no criminal record then you stand an excellent chance of being released on the next business day following your arrest. You can speed this process along if you have someone bail you out of jail. But if you don’t, it’s okay. Soon enough, the experience will be over and you can start looking for DWI lawyers to help you with what happens next.

Typically, following an arrest for drink driving and after your release from jail, you will be assigned a court date in which you must appear before a judge. This judge will determine the consequences of your actions. If you appear in court without a lawyer, it’s likely you will face harsher criminal charges and a harsher sentence, possibly even extended jail time and having your license suspended.

DWI lawyers can get your charges reduced and get your sentence reduced. They may even be able to help you retain your license, depending on the specific driving while intoxicated laws in your state. Every state sets its own laws and limits for drinking while intoxicated, whether you are intoxicated because of drugs or alcohol.

Finding the Right DWI Attorney for Your Case

There are 1,315,561 lawyers in the U.S. That means picking just one DWI lawyer to help you isn’t going to be too easy. The good news is, you don’t have to search every attorney in the U.S. There are some ways to narrow that list down immediately so you’re working with a much smaller pool of potential DWI lawyers.

You want to look for a local attorney. You needed someone who is located close to where you are. Your lawyer will need to appear in court with you and speak to the judge on your behalf. Just like that, you’re cutting your list down exponentially.

Now, keep narrowing down your search. You need a criminal defense lawyer. This is the type of lawyer who will understand DWI laws. You don’t want a personal injury lawyer or some other type of lawyer. Look specifically for criminal defense lawyers because this is who you need. This will make that list of local lawyers far smaller as well.

Next, use online contact forms or call the firms to find out if there are any DWI lawyers available to take on your case. Once you’ve got a lawyer, you can get your charges reduced and take care of all your legal troubles stemming from drinking and driving. And remember next time, don’t drive!