Most people are generally familiar with laws and the legal process, however, when it comes to the specifics, most are a bit clueless. Get injured at work? What type of lawyer do you need to resolve a dispute? Breach of contract between two companies? Who do you call? Someone trespassing on your property? What type of jurisdiction does that fall under?

Civil litigation and civil litigation lawyers are involved in the legal process when applied to non-criminal matters. Non-criminal disputes might include family law (such as a divorce settlement), custody cases, child support payments, disputes between individuals and credit companies, landlord and tenants, or a breach of contract between individuals or businesses. This does not include criminal defense. There are over 1,300,000 lawyers in the United States, giving plenty of bandwidth for any type of lawsuit that needs to be handled.

Specifically, civil litigation lawyers are involved in resolving a dispute between two or more parties who seek monetary compensation for damages incurred or performances that were not delivered. What are some situations that you might call a civil litigation lawyer in to help with?

Reasons to Involve Civil Litigation Lawyers

Remember, civil litigation involves any non-criminal lawsuit. Examples of noncriminal lawsuits would be alimony, personal injury, debt settlement, or discrimination. If you think you should file a lawsuit against an individual or a company, it is a good idea to first get some advice from an attorney. In addition to helping you understand if you have grounds to stand on, an attorney can also give you a guess as to the odds of a lawsuit being successful and the general scope of the lawsuit (how much time, effort, and money it will take). Additionally, an attorney can help you understand if your case would be best handled outside of the court, in an alternative settlement or mediation.

In short, if you feel that you have been deprived of monetary compensation agreed on, had physical damage occur because of the fault of an individual or organization, or been discriminated against by an employer, it is probably a good idea to seek civil litigation.

The cost of civil litigation lawyers varies from attorney to attorney. Some bill hourly, and others charge based on compensation after successfully closing the case. Others yet require an upfront retainer to be met before doing any work on your behalf. Because of the potentially high cost of civil litigation, it is highly recommended you think about if you are prepared for the time, energy, and money that it will take to pursue this course.

If you are ready, you can expect assistance from an attorney at each step of the process. The case may be resolved in or out of court, and if you win, you might receive financial compensation. Local law and procedures will somewhat dictate the outcome, and a litigation attorney will know how to position you well to win the lawsuit.

Be prepared for a significant amount of paperwork, long hours in either court or mediation, and a potential to not win at all. If you think you have a good case to pursue for civil litigation, please contact one of our attorneys who will ask you about the details and can better advise you on the next course of action. We have spent extensive time understanding civil litigation in Rockwall, Texas and can help you know if your case stands a chance in court.