Defensive driving is crucial in being safe while on the road. According to Just Great Lawyers, over 2.3 million people die yearly in the hospital from motor vehicle-related injuries. Personal injury lawyers see this daily, however, defensive driving can help you avoid car accidents.

Safe Distances

Driving safely with other vehicles around can instantly help prevent an accident. Depending on your speed, by keeping at least two to three car lengths behind other vehicles, you’re providing plenty of room to stop if the person in front slams on the brakes. If the other car gets into an accident, you’ll have ample time to avoid crashing into them.

Stay Focused

Remaining focused on the road and the vehicles around you is another important part of defensive driving. This involves not being on your phone while driving as well as avoiding other distractions such as playing with the radio, when possible. Opt for a vehicle with buttons on the steering wheel to adjust the radio to prevent distractions.

Traffic Laws

Many times when a personal injury lawyer takes on an accident case, it was due to someone breaking the law. For example, one person ran a stop sign or did not properly yield. Obeying traffic laws is a crucial aspect of defensive driving. It’s essential always to stop when you are supposed to, yield properly, and follow all traffic laws.

Potential Hazards

There are potential hazards every time you hit the road, but remaining aware of your surroundings is a great way to ensure these hazards don’t turn into accidents. Pay close attention to pedestrians and children playing on the sidewalk. Avoid getting near cars that are driving erratically because they may hit you. When you’re aware of the potential risks, you can avoid them.

Weather Considerations

Always consider the weather when driving. Vehicles may not stop well on icy or wet roads, so staying further away from other cars is essential. This provides ample stopping distance. You’ll also need to pay closer attention to other drivers. Finally, go slow if you need to. Many people try to do the speed limit, but you don’t have to if it’s unsafe. Instead, pull into the right lane, put on your hazard lights, and drive at a safe speed.

Personal injury lawyers see these accidents daily, but you can prevent yourself from becoming one of these cases by driving defensively. If you’ve been in an accident, contact us to learn how we can help you.