According to Just Great Lawyers, in 2020 there was an 11% increase in speeding fatalities over the prior year. Personal injury law firms can help you after the fact, but isn’t it better to practice good driving habits and hopefully avoid driving mishaps altogether? Continue reading to learn about a few habits that are a part of good driving.

Follow All Road Signs and Laws

When you want to be a good and safe driver, you follow the rules. No phones or other distractions, legal speeds, the use of turn signals, and full stops when required can help you maintain a safe driving record. It’s also important to remember the effect that weather can have on driving conditions. It’s always best to avoid driving during storms, but when it’s unavoidable, be sure to reduce your speed and pay close attention to the road. These habits will not only improve your driving, but they’ll also help you to avoid tickets too.

Mirrors Are Your Friends

Many folks neglect to check their rearview and side mirrors while driving and parking. This habit can help you avoid minor scrapes and more serious fender benders that keep personal injury law firms busy. Before you begin driving, be sure to double-check that all of your mirrors are positioned properly. Even if you have backup cameras and sensors, knowing how to effectively use your mirrors is an important skill to master. Proper usage will also help you to be more aware of your blind spots and know when to turn your head to get a full view of the road.

Keep Your Vehicle Well-Maintained

One important way to avoid traffic accidents and maintain safe driving habits is to keep your vehicle properly maintained. This can help you avoid flat tires and breakdowns, two events that no one wants to have to experience. Proper maintenance also includes keeping all of your fluids topped up. How many times have you had a scare because you’re out of window wiper fluid and can’t see properly? This is easily avoidable by keeping your fluids at a high level and carrying extra wiper fluid in your vehicle. It’s an easy problem to avoid.

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