Driving during the summer can be just as dangerous as driving during the winter, although the causes of accidents are a bit different. However, all of these common causes are dangerous, and it’s important that you know them so that you can drive more carefully.

  1. Construction Zone Accidents

Summer often brings about a lot of construction, and with so much happening alongside roads, it can lead to an uptick in construction zone-related accidents. During construction, lane closures, concrete barriers, and narrower roads can quickly create dangerous situations if drivers aren’t prepared to react.

When approaching a construction zone this summer, always be sure to slow down to the posted speed limits and be aware of your surroundings. When possible, give construction workers a wider berth and watch for surrounding cars that may not be driving as carefully as you. By doing this, you can help avoid an accident and any personal injury cases.

  1. Distracted Driving

With the good weather that summer brings, many people head out on the road for road trips to vacation destinations or to visit family. This gives drivers a lot of time to face potential distractions, especially when it comes to either texting while driving or eating while driving. If you need to have your phone on, it’s always best to have your passenger answer calls or respond to texts for you, if they must be answered, though preferably you should leave them until you stop your car.

All it takes is a split second of distraction to cause you to lose control of your car, endangering you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road.

  1. Tire Blow Outs

If you haven’t kept up with your car maintenance over the winter, you can end up with the increased risk of a tire blowout come summer. Old tires, especially ones that are underinflated, can be vulnerable to the stress put on them in the summer heat. Coupled with the heat of roads, some of which can reach up to 140 degrees, and the heat from friction caused during driving, the rubber on your tires can give out.

If your tires are over six years old, get them replaced. If they aren’t this old but have worn-out treads, you should also have them replaced before heading out on the roads.

Driving Safe This Summer

These three examples are the most common causes of accidents that happen on the roads during the summer. By recognizing them and taking the proper steps, you can help keep yourself and other drivers safe all summer long.