A personal injury claim is an alternate way of seeking compensation through the courts via insurance companies. There are five indications you should consider filing a personal injury claim.

The Injury Wasn’t Your Fault

It doesn’t matter how the personal injury happened: at work, while in the car, out in public with friends, etc. If the injury occurred and it wasn’t your fault or could have been prevented by the company, you might have a solid personal injury case.

In auto accidents predominantly, personal liability can be determined based on standard and in-depth investigations. It’s a known fact that the most fatal car crashes happen over the Fourth of July weekend. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Esurance conducted a study and found that roughly 40% of all fatalities on the highway on the Fourth of July weekend from 2007-2011 involved alcohol.

Your Ability to Work Has Been Impacted

Not all employers are generous with their time-off packages. Missing work while you recover affects your paychecks.

You Have Medical Bills

All medical providers charge someone, whether it be an insurance company or the patient. If you’re getting bills in the mail regularly, it can cause severe stress over wondering how they will be paid.

You Require Ongoing Medical Treatments

Some personal injuries require several treatments to resolve. These treatments may be expensive, cause more time off work, or last for years.

You Developed an Anxiety or Other Cognitive Disorder

Many people who receive personal injuries due to an auto accident have difficulty getting back behind the wheel. Some choose never to drive again, depending on the severity. While we would have accepted this choice in the past as a valid personal decision, today, we know it might be caused by a mental condition called anxiety or even a form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

If a person is now experiencing this which they did not before, it can be debilitating and affect every other area of their life. This phenomenon is especially true if someone dies in an auto accident. It’s known that in about 18% of motor vehicle deaths, some form of drug other than alcohol was involved. In this situation, not only did someone lose their life, but you may have developed a potentially life-altering condition.

All these things should cause a person to consider filing a personal injury claim. A qualified attorney can help you, so be sure to get in touch with one right away. They will discuss each of these scenarios with you and put together a solid case.